Is there a minimum order requirement?2017-05-12T21:27:40+07:00
We do have a minimum order if you purchase only shirts. We require a minimum of 3 shirts to be ordered if you do not purchase anything else. If there is a blazer, pant, or vest in the order, there is no minimum requirement for shirts.
possible order examples:
Order by customer A
3 shirts
Order by customer B
1 Pants, 1 Shirt
1 Blazer only
Where are your clothes made?2017-05-12T21:00:26+07:00

All of our garments are made locally in Bangkok, Thailand. Although there are many tailors and dressmakers working in Thailand, we have found the best and we work together with them to ensure you get the best quality tailoring and dressmaking available

Where do the fabrics come from?2017-05-12T21:00:18+07:00

Simply put, our fabrics are sourced from the most prestigious mills in the world. Our cotton is sourced from Europe and Japan, and our wool from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. You may recognize some of the mills we work with: Holland & Sherry of London, Filarte…

How should I wash my WT shirts?2017-05-12T21:00:02+07:00

Wash your WT dress shirts with cold water and then air dry. This is the best way to ensure longevity for not just your Whitehouse Tailor labeled shirts, but any dress shirt. You can find more info here.

How often should I dry clean my WT suit?2017-05-12T21:00:11+07:00

Rarely. We recommend you dry clean your suit only a couple times a year. Dry cleaning is a relatively rough process for any garment. And when you do need to dry clean a suit, you should make sure you find someone that you really trust. But if what your suit really needs is a little freshening up, then we recommend investing in a cheap steamer. If you’ve never steamed clothes before, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can get wrinkles to straighten out and get your garment to look like new again.

How long before I get my clothes?2017-05-13T00:44:47+07:00

Shirts and pants take approximately 4 days, start to finish.

Suits, blazers and waistcoats take approximately 5 to 7 days. (Full canvas suits can take up to 6 weeks to finish)

In the rare instance that there are additional alternations required, please allow 2 – 3 extra days before you have your clothes in hand. This finish time depends on the quantity ordered, however we can also arrange a faster turnover if required.

Do you provide any discounts or package deals?2017-05-12T21:15:47+07:00
Sure! we provide a wedding deal for group orders over 4+ suits. interested? email us for more information.
If I want to buy a suit can I see an example?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

Of course. Not only will we be wearing a WT suit, but we will probably have one or two extra on hand to show you. We will also have a full-canvas, cut-away suit available to show. This is a mock-up garment that will give you a hands-on example of how our suits are constructed and help you to understand the bespoke difference.

Do you ship to my country?2017-05-12T21:34:20+07:00
We ship to most countries in the world! However, due to prohibitive costs and other logistical concerns, we do not ship to a few countries. We are constantly working on expanding our selection of available countries so please send us an email and let us know if it can be shipped to your country.
How long are appointments?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

This depends on how decisive you are. Sometimes appointments are rather quick, on the order of 45 minutes to an hour. But in general, many first time appointments tend to go for 90 minutes to 2 hours. Although the measuring process is relatively straightforward, we have a lot of fabrics that you can look at, and sometimes that takes some time.

How much will this cost?2017-05-18T15:52:04+07:00

On our products pages, you’ll get an idea of what our suiting and shirting costs. A completely custom 2-piece suit begins at 5000 THB and go up depending on the quality of the fabric. Working button holes and full canvas construction incur an additional fee. Regarding shirts, our prices begin at only 1200 THB and pants begin at 1500 THB.

I love my clothes, how do I order more?2017-05-12T21:34:29+07:00

We love our customers so to ensure we give you the best possible service, we keep all your measurements and details of past orders on file. This allows you to order new garments anytime, just get in contact and we will help you out.

I’ve made an appointment, what do I need to do to prepare, if anything?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

Depending on what you’re shopping for, it’s helpful to have your best fitting suit or shirt or pant available for Ron to examine. In addition to measuring you for your clothes, Ron will sometimes pull measurements from your existing clothes to help aid him.

Can I have you tailor an old suit that I own?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

At WT we don’t physically sew our clothing. Instead, we work with a small group of vendors with whom we trust, and who have a long track record in offering the finest in bespoke clothing. However, we do work closely with a very talented local tailor from time to time. In some instances, we will help you to alter your non-WT suit. Please contact us to find out more – info@localhost.

Do you have a physical store?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

No, instead, we come to you. We will meet with you at your home or office to show you our available fabrics and take your measurements.

How far will you travel for an appointment?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

In general, we cover the entire area of Bangkok. Although we have even set up appointments in Pattaya and Chang Mai, these were somewhat unique cases. Several of our clients live up in the high country, and we set up times to meet with them while they are in Bangkok on business. And don’t forget, we are able to make garments based on measurements you send us.

Do you sell other things? Like shoes and socks?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

Yes! We offer shoes, socks, and belts. Our shoes and belts are all leather and custom made to fit you. Please bear in mind shoes do require more time to construct. Regarding neckwear and cufflinks, we do have a small quantity of goods to look at during the appointment process. Check out our store or email us if there is anything in particular you were after.

I don’t consider myself a very stylish guy, is this for me?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

At WT we offer suits, shirts and pants, but what we really provide our clients is guidance. We consider ourselves to be Bangkok’s leading source of menswear information and advice. Over the years, we have worked with all kinds of guys, from those who know exactly what they are looking for, to guys who may need a refresher on what a notched lapel is. Having a good sense of style isn’t something any of us were inherently born with, it’s something you just need to learn. And it all begins with a simple phone call or email – our number is 096 702 8061 and we can be reached at info@localhost.

Custom clothing has a reputation for being a bit pretentious, right?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

There’s some truth to that, but that isn’t the case at all with WT. What we really excel at is guiding you through the bespoke process and being your mentor. We’re a great group and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy working with us.

Didn’t see the questions you were looking for?2017-05-12T20:56:53+07:00

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help. info@localhost

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